Transfer Station



Transfer Station
Transfer Station is overseen by the Dept. Of Public Works
Telephone: (401) 680–2503

Permits, coupons or vehicle stickers are required and may be obtained at Town Clerks Office in person or through the mail with appropriate fees and supportive documents supplied.  If utilizing the mailing option, please mail to Town Clerk's Office, PO Box 226, Little Compton, RI 02837.  For further questions relating to transfer station fee requirements please call the Town Clerk's office at 401-635-4400.

Resident Transfer Station sticker issuance require the following to be presented:

  • Proof of Residency, can be tax bill or lease
  • Vehicle Registration, current
  • $5 each, annually, calendar year 

Miscellaneous coupons:
  • Construction debris coupons - $75 for residents (non-commercial) with vehicles capacity less than 2,000 lbs. or with trailers no more than 160 cubic ft. No larger capacities will be accepted. Registration to the vehicle must be present for review 
  • Mattress or box spring - free unless they are not recyclable due to severe soiling - see Town Clerk for further details if soiled excessively 
  • Appliance coupon - $25.00 (anything that normally contains refrigerant) air conditioner, dehumidifier, freezer, refrigerator
  • Short-term rental Non-resident daily coupons for use of transfer station: $5.00 each, allows one entry into the Transfer Station.  These are used for short term rentals and may be purchased in the Office of the Town Clerk.  Copy of lease to prove rental will be required. 
  • Seasonal passes for the Transfer Station for summer residents Memorial Day to September 30th are $15.00 and will require proof of seasonal residency and vehicle registration.

Year Round Transfer Station Time of Operation:


Monday     10 am to 6 pm                                                     
Tuesday     8 am to 4 pm                                          
Wednesday   Closed                                              
Thursday   8 am to 4 pm                                             
Friday        8 am to 4 pm
Saturday   8 am to 4 pm  

NOTE: If the dump is closed due to a holiday it will be open extended hours the following day; except when the following day is a Sunday.  Example:  Monday closed due to a holiday = Tuesday open 8 am to 6 pm.

Recycling is mandatory in the State of Rhode Island.

                             Recycling pamphlet 2024
RI Resource Recovery Corporation list of recyclable materials.                       
Virtual Tours of the RI Resource Recovery Corporation facility

Now accepting any disposable household batteries at the Transfer Station
Small rechargeable batteries and disposable household batteries can be accepted.
See attendant for battery recycling location.

                                           batteries pic

The Transfer Station is set up to accept in varied collection containers the following recyclable materials:

- Waste Oil (vehicle, clean free of contaminants)
- Paper (all kinds) Little Compton compacts our paper to reduce cost for shipping
- Single stream (glass, plastic, aluminum, tins, milk containers with caps on)
- Clothing Big Brothers/Sisters or Goodwill RI containers
         Big Brothers community partnership information
- Paints - see list of acceptable paints
- White Goods -  washers or dryers
- Metals
- Tire fee effective January 2022
  • Car $5.00 each
  • Tractor trailer $10.00 each
  • Oversized, off-road $100.00 each
  • NOTE tires with rim fee doubles
  • Individual small tires such as bicycle, motorcycle or small utility trailer tire are free of charge.

Restore plastic bag bin  Look for your local participating store to drop off plastic bags or plastic film items.
Just bring clean, dry plastic bags and many more plastic film items. Did you realize ziploc bags, clean disposable plastic tablecloths, frozen vegetable bags, and bubble wrap are few of the items also accepted. 


Please be advised that Resource Recovery will be suspending the foam (a.k.a “Styrofoam”)
recycling program at their Small Vehicle Area as of Saturday, July 1, 2023

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