Scam Phone Calls or Emails



Scam Phone Calls and Emails

Scam phone calls and emails are an increasing problem in the U.S. Whether an individual is claiming to be an IRS agent or a distant relative, the objective is the same – they want your information. The Little Compton Police Department is aware of these calls and their often financially devastating outcomes. Unfortunately because of the frequency and nature of these calls and emails Police Departments are often unable to trace them to their true origin. The best way to combat these predatory acts is public knowledge.  

                                 If you receive a suspicious phone call or email:

  • DO NOT give callers personal information unless you are certain you know who they are.
  • DO NOT respond to suspicious emails.
  • Call the department @ 401-635-2311 and report the incident.
  • Report suspicious calls and emails to: FTC Fraud Report

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