Comendations and Complaints



Commendations and Complaints

Administrators at The Little Compton Police Department want
to hear feedback from our town's community and it's visitors. 

If you have had recent contact with one of our officers and have 
any questions, comments or concerns about that interaction please
either call the station and request to speak to the
Officer in Charge at that time, or...

Fill out the following form
 and deliver/fax it to the department:

Letter of Commendation/Complaint

Public Safety Complex, 60 Simmons Road
Little Compton, Rhode Island 02837
Telephone: (401) 635–2311
Fax: (401) 635–8782

Frequently ask questions concerning commendations and complaints:

When a commendation is received by a citizen, it will be documented and forwarded through the chain of command then to the Chief of Police.  Letters of commendation will be posted for all department employees to view.  The employees of the little Compton Police Department appreciate the time and effort citizens like you take to commend our employees. Commendation forms can be picked up at the Little Compton Public Safety Complex, the Little Compton Town Hall or download it here: Letter of Commendation
How do I make a complaint?
Complaints will be accepted from any source and may be made anonymously, in person, by mail, fax or by phone.  This department does accept anonymous complaints however; an investigation may be limited when based solely on anonymous uncorroborated information, unless the allegation can be confirmed by an independent source.  This department accepts complaints made against police officers, civilian employees and other workers or agents of this department.  You can pick up a complaint form at the Little Compton Public Safety Complex, the Little Compton Town Hall or download it here: Complaint form
What happens when I make a complaint?
The Internal Affairs Division will investigate the complaint and forward the results to the Chief of Police.  The Chief will then make the final determination in all cases.  All decisions involving disciplinary action will be in conjunction with the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights.
What can I expect as a complainant?
Once your complaint is received we will notify you when the process has begun.  Your complaint will be honestly and fairly investigated and possibly adjudicated.  You will receive notice of the final disposition on your complaint within 30 days of the date filed. 
Is something done on all complaints?
Yes, each complaint shall be investigated fully to its logical conclusion.
What happens after an investigation is completed?
After your complaint has been investigated, you will be notified of the results by the investigating officer.  If you are dissatisfied with the results of the investigation you can request another agency review the investigation.  You can contact the Internal Affairs Division and they can refer you to the appropriate agency.  Every complaint that involves a possible violation of the law is forwarded to the Attorney General’s Department for review.
What rights do Police Officers and other employees have when a complaint is made against them?
All police employees are protected under their respective labor agreements and any applicable state and federal statutes.  Additionally, officers are also protected under the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights.  These provisions provide that employees shall not be subjected to harassment, intimidation, and threats from supervisors, or unreasonable periods of interrogation.  They also have the right to counsel or union representation during the investigation.
Is there a risk to me when I make a complaint against a police employee?
No, however any individual whom deliberately files a false complaint may be prosecuted criminally or be held civilly liable. 
Will the police be unbiased when they investigate their own employees
Yes, The Little Compton Police Department strives to ensure quality performance from all of our officers and employees.  We want the public to know we will not tolerate officer misconduct.  Even perceived tolerance of employee misconduct will lead to a collapse of the public’s trust.  This would adversely affect the ability of the Little Compton Police Department to function properly.

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