Town Clerk



Office of the Town Clerk

Town Clerk: Carol A. Wordell

Deputy Town Clerk:
Sheila A. Oliveira

Office Clerk: Heather J. Cook

Monday -  Friday  
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Telephone: (401) 635–4400
Fax: (401) 635–2470

The Town Clerk’s Office serves as the main point of contact between the Town’s Administration and the public. The Clerk’s Office performs various duties as set by State Law, the Town Charter, and common custom. Among these services include:

  • Serving as the Recorder of Deeds, Registrar of Voters, Registrar of Vital Records
  • Certifying and Sealing official town documents,
  • Handling licenses and permits for the Town, (i.e. dump stickers and various transfer station coupons, dog licenses, marriage licenses, registry of trade name, etc.)
  • Serving as the Clerk for the Town Council, Board of Canvassers and of the Probate Court,
  • Maintaining a filing system for the Agendas and Minutes of the various elected and appointed boards, councils and commissions,
  • And performing all other duties imposed by state law.

Below is a schedule of fees for the Office of the Town Clerk:

  • Dump stickers - $5.00 each, annually please bring car registration and proof of residency
  • Construction debris coupons - $75 for GVW of 10,000 lbs or under; $150 for GVW over 10,000 lbs
  • Mattress or box spring - free unless they are not recyclable due to severe soiling
  • Appliance coupon - $25.00 (anything that normally contains refrigerant)
  • Compost "Earth Machine" Bin, - $45.00 each
  • Dog license - $6.00 each dog, annually, rabies certificate required
  • Certified vital record (walk-in) - $22.00 first copy, $18.00 each additional copy.  
  •              application form Marriage   application form Death  application form Birth  
  • Certified vital record (mail-in) - $25.00 first copy, $18.00 each additional copy.
  • Land Evidence recordings fees – contact the Clerk’s Office, Tel: 401-635-4400
  •      Land Evidence Records  can be accessed through this link
  • Probate filing fee’s – minimum $34.00, advertising rates $25.00 each set of ads (for more details contact the Clerk’s Office, Tel: 401-635-4400)
  • Fishing or Hunting Licenses are no longer issued by this office. You can purchase your license on-line at
  • Photocopies – land evidence deeds $1.50 per page; private copies $.25 each page; public records $.15 each page
  • Registry of Trade Name - $10.00, onetime fee.

The Town Clerk is elected every two years at the general election in November. The Town Clerk’s duties and responsibilities are set by the Town Charter and by state law.

Town Hall
40 Commons; P.O. Box 226
Little Compton, RI 02837

© 2018 Town of Little Compton, RI 40 Commons, Little Compton, RI 02837

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