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Agricultural Conservancy Trust (website)
The LCACT is a seven member board appointed by the Town Council that fulfills several functions assigned to it by State Law and the Town Charter. These duties include:

  • Acquiring development rights to agricultural property within the Town,
  • Acquiring agricultural property or interest therein,
  • And to preserve open spaces, fresh and saltwater marshes, estuaries and adjoining uplands, groundwater recharging areas, land providing access to the ocean, land for bicycle paths and land for future public recreational facilities and use.


  • William Richmond, Chair
  • A. Michael Steers
  • David Wechsler
  • Nelson Cabot Jr.
  • Ellen DeWolf Field
  • Wayne Barker Montgomery
  • Edmund Maiato

Beach Commission (beach page)
The Beach Commission consists of five (5) members elected at the Financial Town Meeting for four (4) year staggered terms.
The Commission shall have the authroity to manage, regulate and control all public beaches owned by the Town and to make suitable provisions for the care, management maintenance, protection and improvement of the beaches.


  • Joseph D, Maiato
  • Patrick B. Kinnane
  • Donald Medeiros
  • William Ryan
  • Mikel Folcarelli

Beach Rates:

         All Passes/Permits are available at the beach.
                               2019 Camper Permit

Passes/Permits  Description  Cost 
Beach Pass Daily - Weekday $15
  Daily - Weekend or Holiday  $20
  Weekly  $50 
  Season  $175 
Camper Application Fee  Standard Fee $100 
  Senior Citizens & Veterans $50 
Camper Pass Overnight
* Requires prior approval by
  Day $30
Motorcyle Pass  Anytime  $15
Campfire Permit Fires out by 10pm $5

T: (401) 635-9974 (seasonal)

Board of Canvassers

The Board of Canvassers acts as the local election authority in conformity with State Law and the Town Charter. Its duties include:

  • Receiving and certifying nomination papers,
  • Registering voters,
  • Certifying voting lists,
  • Certifying local election results,
  • Assisting the Town Moderator with the management of the Financial Town Meeting,
  • Running the elections on Election Day,
  • Serving as local liaison for the Secretary of State and Board of Elections,
  • And all other functions under State Law.
Elections:         As of 2020 all elections will be open from 7 am to 8 pm
                           Polling location for all registered voters is located at: 
                                         Wilbur McMahon School Gynmasium
                                         28 Commons
                          Please contact the Canvassing office for further information on mail ballot procedures


  • Dennis August Almeida
  • Laurie A. Anderson
  • Lori Ann Craffey
  • Susan Chase, Alternate
  • Laura J. Walker, Alternate
T: (401) 635–4400

Budget Committee
The Budget Committee is charged by the Town Charter to aggregate information, investigate all requests for town funds, and recommend a level of funding to the voters so that they can be better informed at the Financial Town Meeting. The Committee produces a report once a year and mails it to each voter in the town detailing the requests the Town has received and the recommendations the Committee has made.


  • George M. Crowell, Chair
  • Christopher Goulart
  • Ben Gauthier
  • Jennifer L. McHugh
  • D. Craig Curtis

T: (401) 635–4400

Conservation Commission
The Conservation Commission is a seven member board appointed by the Town Council. Members are appointed to staggered 3-year terms so that two members’ terms expire every year with a third expiring every third year.
The purpose of the Commission shall be to promote and develop the natural resources, to protect the watershed resources, and to preserve the natural esthetic areas within the Town. To these ends the Commission shall conduct research into its local land areas and seek to coordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for similar purposes, and shall keep an index of all open spaces within the Town, publicly or privately owned. It may recommend to the Council and other Town bodies a program for the better use of the Town’s land and natural resources.


  • William Richmond
  • Laura Haverland
  • Carol Trocki
  • Richard L. Castenson
  • Don McNaughton

Harbor Commission
The Harbor Commission shall be the local advisory body concerning the implementation of the Harbor Management Plan and related ordinances. The Harbor Commission consists of seven (7) members who are residents of Little Compton as follows:

  • Mary E. Rogers, owner of a recreational boat kept on a mooring, or one who is on a waiting list for a mooring.
  • Scott Morrison, representative of the Sakonnet Point Marina Association, Inc. and Sakonnet Point Club
  • Adolf Haffenreffer, representative of the Sakonnet Yacht Club.
  • Gary Mataronas, Jr.,  commercial trip fisherman.
  • Gregory J. Mataronas, commercial day fisherman.
  • Ian Parente, officer of the local fishermen’s association.
  • Thomas Grimes, member of a town conservation organization.

T: (401) 635–4400

Little Compton Housing Trust

The Little Compton Housing Trust is a nonprofit corporation which serves as an advocacy group for any person or group desiring to address the problem of housing affordability or housing for the elderly, those with special needs and families of low and moderate income. The trust:

  • Oversees implementation of the Town’s Affordable Housing Plan
  • Monitors long term housing affordability for the Town
  • And serves as an advisor to the Town Council

The Trust is funded by federal and state grants, gifts and bequests from individuals and corporations.


  • Matthew Ladd
  • Robert R. Rottman
  • Michael Hudner
  • Andrew W. Moore
  • Joan Shamshoian
  • Patrick M. Bowen
  • Isabel Mattia

Planning Board
The Planning Board fulfills several functions assigned to it by State Law and the Town Charter. These duties include:

  • Advising the Council on all matters concerning the growth and development of the Town including the effects of that growth on the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants,
  • Playing a role in long range capital planning and the preparation of the Town capital budget as the Council may direct,
  • Submitting recommendations on all matters referred to it relating to the Town zoning ordinance, land subdivision and proposals for development in the Town as requested by the Council,
  • Authority to approve administrative sub-divisions, minor sub-divisions, major sub-division, or surveys of property located within the juridiction of Little Compton for recording in the land evidence records.

The Planning Board is a nine member board appointed by the Town Council.


  • A. Michael Steers, Chair
  • Richard Ross
  • Helen Woodhouse
  • Robert M. Green
  • Mark W. Cady
  • Salvatore Marinosci
  • Robert Murphy
  • Robert Torchia
  • Mary W. C. Suttell

Recreation Committee
The responsibility of the Recreation Committee is to update, maintain and implement the Town’s plan for the interrelated development of recreation areas. This committee also has oversight over the scheduling and conduct of appropriate activities in the Auditorium-Gymnasium of the school when the facility is not used for school purposes.


  • Patrick McHugh, Chair
  • Richard Ross
  • Thomas M. Grimes
  • Edward Maiato
  • William Ryan
  • Ronald Bogle
  • David MacGregor

Zoning Board of Review
The Zoning Board of Review fulfills several functions assigned to it by State Law. These duties include:

  • To authorize, upon application, in specific cases of hardship, variances in the application of the terms of the zoning ordinance;
  • To authorize, upon application, in specific cases, special-use permits when the zoning board of review is designated as a permit authority for special-use permits;
  • To refer matters to the planning board or commission, or to other boards or agencies of the town as the zoning board of review may deem appropriate, for findings and recommendations;
  • To issue conditional zoning approvals where a proposed application would otherwise be approved except that one or more state or federal agency approvals which are necessary are pending.

The Zoning Board of Review is a five member board appointed by the Town Council. Each member serves a five year term and the terms are staggered so that one term expires each year. The Board also has three alternates that serve five year terms. Alternates sit and participate in meetings, but only vote if another member is not present or voting.
Regular Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month in the Town Council Chambers at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Floor of the Town Hall.
Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office to correspond with the Zoning Board.


  • Frederick G. Buhrendorf, Jr. Chairman
  • Mark Sawoski, Vice-Chair
  • Graeme Bell, III
  • Herbert A. Case
  • William Ryan
  • 1st Alternate–George E. Goulart, Jr.
  • 2nd Alternate–Stetson W. Eddy
  • 3rd Alternate–Charles G. Hall III

Town Hall
40 Commons; P.O. Box 226
Little Compton,RI 02837
T: (401) 635–4400

Probate Court

Probate Court Sessions for the Town of Little Compton are held at 3:00 pm on the third Monday of each month.
For more information contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (401) 635–4400
Judge Richard P. D'Addario
Town Hall
40 Commons; P.O. Box 226
Little Compton,RI 02837

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